Our Brand

VEGANISKA is for all the awesome vegan sisters and brothers out there designed to empower and create conversation. Most of our apparel is unisex and goes up to at least 2XL (and sometimes even ’til 4XL) so people of all sizes can feel confident and comfortable in them.

Made especially for you

Everything in our shop is made to order through a trustworthy drop shipping company. When you order goes through on the website, our partners print your product and deliver it for us so your order is made uniquely and shipped to you.

Speak up and raise awareness!

With our thought-provoking products you will be a walking billboard for the animals. What better way to spark conversations and start opening eyes than wearing our designs? Once you get people’s attention you will be able to speak up, raise awareness and become the activist you always wanted to be.

It’s time to rebel for the animals!

THE ANIMALS are waiting for you